Jo BuonaguidiAbout Jo

Jo was born in Southern Rhodesia.
She returned to England in 1954. She attended the Ballet Rambert School and went on to work as a professional dancer until 1972.
After retiring from dancing she changed her career and went to work for the fashion designer Issey Miyake and stayed with the London company for 17 years, during which time she was greatly influenced by Issey, his meticulous attention to detail ‘line’ and presentation.
Jo started her art training in 1994. Whilst working she was able to attend courses at Central St Martins and Chelsea School of Art. Her figurative life studies capture the feeling and mood of the model with the simplest of lines.
She is known for her ‘Dancers’ and for capturing movement. The ‘Dancing Lines’ series are frequently drawn from ‘live’ dancing figures, the lines take on the music. These figures are an interpretation of a love of dancing, a love of music, movement and a sense of fun.
Jo has exhibited her work since 1997 and is successful in the UK, America and in Italy. Galleries, Art Movement, The Affordable Art Fair, 20/21 International Art Fair, The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court.

Artist statement

“My work reflects the positive footprints on my life, dancing, music and working for the master of the ‘minimalistic line’ Issey Miyake. It has evolved without the structure of a formal degree course. It has come from within. It is about the human form, whether it is still or moving. If the figure is still then the line must portray the mood, the physical presence of the model.”
“The smallest angle of a line can say so much. I like less to be more. If the model is dancing to music then the line must play the music. The figure dancing must be moving. When I work, I stop thinking and allow the subject to lead me to the final form of my art.”